Emergency Services

Monroe County’s Emergency Services works around-the-clock to protect paradise – its unique people and property – with well-trained firefighter emergency medical technicians (EMTs), firefighter paramedics, registered nurses and with well-prepared disaster planning and response to all emergencies.

Monroe County's Emergency Services includes Fire Rescue and Emergency Management.

Brush fire -30


Fire Rescue responds to fires, major traffic accidents and medical emergencies. We respond during storms and other events that threaten the health and safety of our residents and visitors – and that may damage property and affect the local economy.

Fire Rescue provides on-scene emergency medical treatment and transport patients to local area hospitals by land. For critically injured patients, we use our Trauma Star air ambulances, with bases in Marathon and Key West, to transport them to trauma and specialty care facilities in Miami.

Fire Rescue also conducts extensive preparatory work and training before emergencies strike. We instruct and drill our fire rescue members at our Joe London Fire Training Academy, as well as provide EMT and paramedic training. We work to prevent fires and accidents, with routine inspections of businesses and multi-unit residences for fire code and life-safety compliance.

Emergency Management

Monroe County's Emergency Management keeps disaster response plans up-to-date, whether it’s to deal with Mother Nature’s wrath as we did with Hurricane Irma this past year, an act of terrorism, infectious diseases such as Zika, infestations of New World Screwworm or a man-made catastrophe.