Testing, Hospitals & Private Care Physicians

Testing Task Force

Monroe County’s COVID-19 Testing Task Force has been working together since the beginning of April to review the testing capabilities, prioritize resources, and determine the testing needs of the county. The task force consists of members from Monroe County’s hospitals, private practices, nonprofit health care organizations, and government sectors.


The local hospitals have prepared surge plans for an influx of patients. 

Baptist Health South

  • Upper Keys: Mariner’s Hospital: (305) 434-3000
  • Middle Keys: Fishermen’s Hospital: (305) 743-5533

For Mariner’s and Fishermen’s Hospital: It is advised that you stay home and see a doctor remotely. If you are experiencing mild flu-like symptoms and could be exposed to COVID-19, use Baptist Health Care On Demand app to see the doctor. The app “Baptist Health Care on Demand” is available for download on the app store and Google play. Use the code CARE19 and wait for the doctor to talk to the doctor.

Baptist Health South Florida emergency rooms offer COVID-19 testing to patients exhibiting severe symptoms or require hospitalization.

Lower Keys Medical Center

  • Phone: (305) 294-5531 

Lower Keys Medical Center recommends staying at home. See your physician who can advise your next step. If your doctor tells you to go to the emergency department, please call ahead. If you are having trouble breathing or another medical emergency, go to the nearest emergency room.  


Michelle Coldiron takes antibody test at CHI in Marathon

County Commissioner Michelle Coldiron preps for an antibody test at CHI in Marathon. 

Mobile COVID-19 Test Site Coming to Stock Island and Key Largo this Weekend

The State of Florida is bringing their COVID-19 Mobile Testing Lab to Stock Island and Key Largo this weekend. These walk-up test sites will be available on a first come, first serve basis for Florida residents with or without symptoms and offered at no cost.

  • Saturday, October 17 from 9am to 4pm at Bernstein Park located at 6571 5th St., Stock Island Florida
  • Sunday, October 18 from 9am to 4pm at corner of Atlantic Blvd and St. Croix Pl. at 551 St. Croix Pl., Key Largo, adjacent to the parking lot of Jacobs Aquatic Center.

Tests will be done by nasopharyngeal swab and individuals will be called or emailed within two-days with their results. Identification is required for adults.

Health Department Hosts Community-Based COVID-19 Testing Events

DO NOT SHOW UP TO ANY LOCATION WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT The Florida Department of Health is offering free COVID-19 testing for Monroe County residents. Appointments are required. To schedule, call 786-910-9764 or email TestingMonroe@flhealth.gov.

  • Key West: Gato Building at 1100 Simonton Street (Half Moon Driveway on Virginia Street Side) – Wednesday, Sept. 30, and Friday, Oct. 2 from 1-4 p.m.
  • Tavernier: Roth Building at 50 High Pt. Rd. – Tuesday, Sept. 29 from 1-4 p.m.
  • Marathon: Ruth Ivins Center at 3333 Overseas Hwy – Thursday, Oct. 1 from 1-3:30 p.m.

Testing is at no cost. Criteria for testing include: being a Monroe County resident, having a valid ID, and being pre-registered with name, address, phone number, and date of birth. No walk-ins are allowed. 

If you need to be tested as soon as possible and are currently experiencing symptoms, schedule care with your medical provider or emergency room rather than waiting for testing at community events.  Remember to call your provider ahead of your visit to ensure their respective protocols are followed.

Upper Keys

• Good Health Clinic provides free rapid response serology antibody tests to patients and through a partnership with Dr. Stan Zuba, testing is also conducted in the Upper Keys. 

  • thegoodhealthclinic.org
  • 91555 Overseas Hwy, Suite 2, Tavernier, FL. 33070
  • Phone: 305-853-1788
  • Monday thru Friday: 9-4:30 pm

• Advanced Urgent Care can conduct both viral and antibody tests and can test those with minimal to no symptoms. They have locations in Key West, Marathon, and Key Largo. Patients can pre-register for testing and download the Antibody Screening form online.

  • www.urgentcarefloridakeys.com
  • (305) 294-0011

• ASAP Urgent Care Center

  • 90130 Old Highway, 2nd Floor, Tavernier
  • (305) 852-9300

• A-1 Urgent Care

  • 101451 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo
  • (305) 453-0666

Middle Keys

• CHI (Community Health of South FL) Marathon Health Center is conducting free viral and antibody testing. Viral testing is offered every Saturday from 11 am to 12:30 pm by appointment. 

• Advanced Urgent Care can conduct both viral and antibody tests and can test those with minimal to no symptoms. They have locations in Key West, Marathon, and Key Largo. Patients can pre-register for testing and download the Antibody Screening form at the website

  • www.urgentcarefloridakeys.com
  • (305) 294-0011

• Good Health Clinic provides free rapid response serology antibody tests to patients

  • 13365 Overseas Hwy, Ste. #101, Marathon, FL 33050
  • 305-946-1314
  • Tuesdays & Fridays 9 AM-3 PM

Key West

• Rural Health Network offers free viral and antibody testing in Key West by appointment. RHN conducts screening and testing events in Key West’s Bahama Village.

  • (305) 517-6613

• Commercial labs, such as Quest and LabCorp, can conduct viral and antibody (rapid) tests. LabCorp currently conducts testing at Walgreens in Key West with a prescription.

• Advanced Urgent Care can conduct both viral and antibody tests and can test those with minimal to no symptoms. They have locations in Key West, Marathon, and Key Largo. Patients can pre-register for testing and download the Antibody Screening form on the website.

  • www.urgentcarefloridakeys.com
  • (305) 294-0011

• Dr. John W Norris III MD PA provides oral and nasal virus screening, as well as blood antibody testing. 

  • (305) 296-1022

• Key West Urgent Care

  • 1501 Government Rd. Key West
  • (305) 295-7550

• Keys Medical Group Must be an existing patient.

  • 3224 North Roosevelt Blvd., Key West
  • (305) 293-4073

• Key West Medical Center, Dr. Elias Gerth, MD

  • 2505 Flagler Ave. Key West
  • (305) 295-6790

Contact Tracing

Since day one of this pandemic, DOH-Monroe’s epidemiologists have been conducting in-depth contact tracing with all confirmed cases in Monroe County with the formulation of a timeline of when their illness started and communicating with all close contacts of such cases. Calls are made to confirmed cases and their close contacts daily.


Any veteran who shows symptoms of COVID-19 should call 1-877-741-3400. Clients in need of information, email addresses or other contact information can visit monroecounty-fl.gov/va and call Key West at 305-295-5150 or Key Largo at 305-453-8777

Fake COVID-19 Test Kits

Fake COVID-19 test kits containing toxic substances are being shipped globally. Fake test kits were labeled “CoronaVirus 2019nconv (COVID-19)” and “Virus1 Test Kit.” Sheriff Rick Ramsay urges all residents to NOT BUY test kits online or through anyone or organization other than your direct healthcare professional.

Interfacility Transfers

Monroe County Fire Rescue will transport life-threatening situations to the mainland regardless of COVID-19. As with any communicable disease, Monroe County Fire Rescue has the policies and procedures in place to protect themselves and sterilize to protect future patients.

Violation of COVID-19 Mandatory Quarantine Order is a Serious Public Safety Health Risk

Monroe County officials want to remind citizens that a violation of the Florida Department of Health’s mandatory quarantine order is a serious public safety health risk, which can lead to jail time and/or fines.

COVID-19 is a communicable disease that poses a severe threat to public health. If COVID-19 is contracted, two effective ways to prevent exposure or further contamination is to isolate or quarantine, ensuring the health and safety of the public.

Quarantines are used to keep someone who has been exposed to COVID-19 away from others. People in quarantine are required to stay home, separate themselves from others within the home, monitor their health, and follow directions from their local health department. A COVID-19 quarantine is legally binding to ensure the individual is staying home or isolating in a specific area, such as their home or a hotel room. The violation is punishable by fines and/or jail time if broken.

If someone is in a mandatory quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 and not following the quarantine order, the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County can be contacted at 305-293-7500. If warranted, the Florida Department of Health will contact local authorities to proceed with a violation and enforce the order.

Isolation is different than a mandatory quarantine and is used to separate people infected with the virus from people who are not infected. People who are in isolation should stay home until it is safe for them to be around others. In the home, anyone sick or infected should separate themselves from others by staying in a specific “sick room” or area and using a separate bathroom. Isolation is a normal term used by the Department of Health when speaking with possible cases and close contacts to cases. If someone is not self-isolating, then a mandatory quarantine order can be imposed.

Violations of Monroe County’s mandatory facial covering ordinance, any social distancing concerns, and business capacity issues should be reported to code compliance at the appropriate jurisdiction within the county.