The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for inspecting new and existing buildings. The purpose of the Fire and Life Safety Inspection Program is to ensure safe businesses and to provide risk reduction to building owners, employees, customers, tenants, visitors, and firefighters in case of a fire or other emergency in the building. Fire and life safety inspections and pre-incident planning are part of our Fire Prevention Program which places a high priority on the welfare and safety of the public while minimizing potential fire and life safety hazards. These inspections are necessary for the safety of the individuals and patrons of this building to ensure that any preventable future incident may be averted.

Annual Inspection Fees

Resolution 104-2020 adopted the Fire Prevention Inspection Fee Schedule that will become effective October 1, 2021.

Inspection Checklists

Property Emergency Contact Information Request

Monroe County Fire Department requests emergency contact information and other pertinent property information that may affect emergency responses to your property.

This form is conditional on verification from Monroe County Fire Department and does not guarantee immediate action. Preference is to have at least two points of contact along with contact numbers.