Constitutional Officers

Monroe County has five elected Constitutional Officers.

Property Appraiser

Responsible for identifying, locating, and fairly valuing all property, both real and personal, within the county for tax purposes.

Tax Collector

The agent for various state and local government agencies, for the collection of revenue and public funding.

Supervisor of Elections

Runs elections in Monroe County and provides voting information.

Sheriff’s Office

Provides law enforcement service to all of the Florida Keys, which include approximately 112 miles of islands branching off the Southern tip of Florida. (The City of Key West also has its own Police Department).

Clerk of Court

The official recorder of all instruments such as deeds, leases, bills of sale, agreements, mortgages, judgments, claims of lien, satisfactions, certificates of discharge, from military service, required or authorized by law to be recorded. All traffic citations, parking tickets, and marine patrol civil infractions are handled by traffic division. Circuit and County Court records are maintained by the Clerk. As well as Marriage licenses, passports, child support payments, bonds, and other document filings.