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Upper Keys Pump-out Registration Form

  1. Registration Information
    Please fill out the following Pumpout Registration Form to request temporary Upper Keys mobile vessel pumpout services provided by On The Hook Marine Services on behalf of Monroe County. Services are anticipated to be provided from October 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021 while the County continues to seek a vendor for long-term Keys-wide mobile pumpout service. Temporary service will be available to anchored vessels in the following anchorages: Little Basin, Big Basin, Windley/Wilson Key, Windley/OV Basin, Community Harbor, Buttonwood Sound, Tarpon Basin and Jewfish Creek.

    Once an application is received, your vessel will be registered for pumpout service. Upon first service, a monthly endorsement sticker will be placed on the vessel and you will be provided an orange pumpout flag to be flown when service is requested. This flag shall be flown from a visible location aboard the vessel. Service will be provided only when the pumpout flag is properly displayed. For each new month of service thereafter, a new endorsement sticker will be placed on the vessel. This sticker shall serve as documentation for compliance with the Monroe County Proof of Pumpout Ordinance 015-2017.

    A weekly service schedule for your vessel's location will be made available HERE. Every effort will be made to provide your vessel with a routine, weekly pumpout service if requested. However, weather, safety or other scheduling considerations cannot guarantee that you will be provided service on a routine schedule. Shoreside pumpout stations are also available throughout Monroe County. A list of available shoreside facilities can be found HERE.

    For more information, please call On The Hook Marine Services at 305-833-1978 or by email or the Monroe County Marine Resources Office at 305-289-2505 or by email.
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  5. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure this vessel and all waste valves are in the proper position for waste collection. I understand that I will not receive mobile pumpout service unless I display the orange pumpout flag indicating a request for pumpout services. I understand that weather and other scheduling and health or safety considerations may impact receiving pumpout services. I understand that Monroe County and On The Hook Marine Services will not for any reason in connection with or in relation to the provision of the service be responsible or liable for any damages including but not limited to vessel defects or improper installation of holding tank systems. I understand the above terms, and authorize Monroe County and/or On The Hook Marine Services personnel to perform pumpout services aboard my vessel. I understand that Monroe County and/or On The Hook Marine Services personnel may need to board this vessel, if necessary, to perform the service. Service will not be provided to a vessel that does not have sewage to be pumped, and I will not receive a monthly endorsement sticker if services have not been provided. Service may be denied for any reason including but not limited to if the vessel is not properly equipped to provide for a safe, secure pumpout as determined by the pumpout vessel operator. By executing this Registration Form, I attest that I am legally authorized to authorize provision of the service by Monroe County and/or On The Hook Marine Services, and that I assume all liability, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the County and On The Hook Marine Services for the provision of the service pursuant to their reliance upon the truth and accuracy of this executed Registration Form.
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