Governor’s Executive Orders

Commissioners Encourage Vaccinations and Personal Choice of Facial Coverings

 In the transitional period following Governor DeSantis’ recent executive order 21-102, the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners rescinded the local facial covering ordinance in place to protect Monroe County citizens from COVID-19. At the meeting held to repeal the local ordinance, the commissioners urged citizens to get vaccinated. They also said employees and patrons have a personal choice to continue wearing facial coverings in the community and in government buildings if they choose.

“This pandemic is not over. We still have to be careful, be smart, and be safe out there,” said County Administrator Roman Gastesi. “There are still active cases in the community, we are in the fourth quarter, but it isn’t the end of the game yet.”

The commissioners also mentioned the Governor’s executive order allowing businesses to continue to require patrons and employees to wear facial coverings, if they choose, with enforcement being trespassing on private property.

Mayor Michelle Coldiron asked that residents be kind to one another regarding their choice of continuing to wear or not wear a facial covering. “We should be respectful of each other’s decisions,” she said.

Please remember to continue to wash your hands, stay home if sick, and practice social distancing. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations can be found at If you have not been vaccinated yet and wish to do so, information on vaccinations can be found at

Florida Keys Coronavirus Cases

May 13 Update: This will only be updated Monday through Friday.

There are 21 new cases today in Monroe County including, 9 more in Key West, 10 more in Marathon, 2 more in Big Pine Key and 1 more in Islamorada. One case was recategorized from Tavernier.








Key West


Key Largo








Summerland Key


Big Pine Key


Cudjoe Key


Stock Island


Key Colony Beach


Little Torch


Long Key




Ramrod Key


Duck Key


Rockland Key


Conch Key


Cross Key


Plantation Key


Big Torch


Grassy Key




Missing City






Current Hospitalizations at LKMC


Current Hospitalizations at FH &MH



Hospital capacity changes based on current patients and staffing. This is a very fluid situation and the figures can change throughout the day based on patient admissions and discharges. The presented numbers only show a snapshot of a single moment in time in a dynamic situation. Both Baptist and Lower Keys Medical are currently in the green, meaning they have enough supplies, staffing, and resources for the next 7 days or longer. When they go to yellow, it means they have fewer than 7 days, and red is for fewer than 3 days. Emergency Management is monitoring their needs on an ongoing basis.

The hospitals are currently managing the care of COVID-19 patients in care spaces at the hospitals that be expanded or contracted as needed. To date, neither hospital entity has had expand the spaces, but it is available if necessary. In the event of a significant surge of cases in our community, the hospitals and Emergency Management would work collaboratively with state health officials to identify other resources to provide care for those who need it. More information on hospital capacities can be found at here

Total Cases By Month (Approximate)

  • March 220: 33 new cases
  • April 2020: 46 new cases
  • May 2020: 29 new cases
  • June 2020: 151 new cases
  • July 2020: 1,041 new cases
  • August 2020: 434 new cases
  • September 2020: 124 new cases 
  • October 2020: 443 new cases
  • November 2020: 1,044 new cases
  • December 2020: 805 new cases
  • January 2021: 1,091 new cases
  • February 2021: 511 new cases
  • March 2021: 629 new cases
  • April 2021: 428 new cases
  • May 2021: 127 new cases, so far

Current case information can be found at On the dashboard, look under “See the Report” for detailed information by county, including testing numbers and geographic locations or “See dashboard” for summaries by county.

The Florida Dept of Health officially confirms new cases. Cases are a total count of all laboratory-confirmed cases. This number does not represent the current number of COVID-19 positive persons. At this time, the FDOH is unable to determine the number of recoveries from COVID-19. Those who do recover from the virus may have additional unknown health effects. Monroe County posts this Florida Department of Health information as a courtesy to inform residents.


Vulnerable Populations

Senior citizens and individuals with an underlying medical condition are still strongly encouraged to stay at home and take all measures to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19. 

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CDC COVID-19 Guidance

Monroe County Emergency Management

Emergency Management continues to monitor the situation in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health and will continue to facilitate conference calls with partner agencies and the municipalities.

  • Monroe County Emergency Management activated its EOC to Level 2 Partial Activation and is meeting regularly since March 17, 2020.

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