Budget & Finance

This is a chart of where the money goes for Monroe County 2019 fiscal year budget

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget 

The Fiscal Year 2019 Adopted Budget Summary

Monroe County adopted the current fiscal year 2019 budget, which runs October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019, at the Final Budget Hearing on September 10, 2018. 

The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners adopted a $411.5 million budget for Fiscal Year 2019 – $66.7 million for Capital and $344.7 million for Operating – at the Final Public Hearing in September 2018. This culminates a months-long process with five public meetings.

The adopted budget also includes $81.6 million for the Constitutional Offices (Sheriff, Clerk of Courts, Tax Collector, Property Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections and Judicial).

Draft Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Presentation: May 8, 2019


The Monroe County BOCC approved transmittal of the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan Residential & Business Community Input Survey Report on July 19, 2017.


The vision of the Budget and Finance Department is to be a fiscally responsible, customer-focused team that is striving for excellence at all times.

We are dedicated to sustainability by managing programs, services, and their related resources as efficiently and effectively as possible and communicating the results of these efforts to the public.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Budget and Finance Department is to provide effective development and implementation of Monroe County’s budget; promote efficient, sound financial management; ensure governmental procurement regulations are followed countywide; facilitate financially responsible grant funding; and maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and prudent expenditure of public funds.


Monday, July 1: The Property Appraiser certifies, to each taxing authority, the taxable value within the jurisdiction of the taxing authority on Form DR-420. Section 129.03(1)Florida Statutes

On or before Tuesday, July 9: Tentative budget to be delivered to BOCC. No Meeting Required Section 129.03(3)Florida Statutes.

July 12-15: National Association of Counties Annual Conference www.naco.org

Monday, July 22: Special Meeting BOCC for discussion of Budget and Capital Improvement Plan. Announcement of Proposed Millage Rates and selection of dates, times and places for public hearings. Approval to advise the Property Appraiser of proposed millage rates. 10 A.M. Marathon Government Center. Sections 129.03(3)(a) and 200.065(2)(b) Florida Statutes

Sunday, Aug. 4: Last day to advise the Property Appraiser of the Proposed Millage Rates, current year rolled-back rate and the date, times and place of the Tentative Budget Hearing. Section 200.065(2)(b), Florida Statutes

No later than Saturday, Aug. 24: Property Appraiser mails out the Notice of Proposed Property Taxes to each taxpayer listed on the current year assessment roll. (TRIM Notices) Sections 200.065(2)(b) and 200.069 Florida Statutes

Thursday, Sept. 5: Board of County Commissioners First Public Hearing Adoption of Tentative Budget and Millage Rate. 5:05 P.M. Key Largo Murray Nelson Government Center. Sections 129.03(3)(c), 200.065(2c) and 200.065(2)(e), Florida Statutes

Tuesday, Sept. 10: Board of County Commissioners Special Budget Meeting. 5:05 P.M. Marathon Government Center

Monday, Sept. 16: Budget Ad to be published in newspaper for final budget hearing. Section 200.065(2)(d), Florida Statutes

Friday, Sept. 20: Board of County Commissioners Final Public hearing Adoption of Final Budget and Millage Rate 5:05 P.M. Key West Harvey Government Center. Sections 129.03(3)(c), 200.065(2)(d) and 200.065(2)(e), Florida Statutes

Following the final budget adoption: Notify the Sheriff, in writing, of the specific action taken on the proposed fiscal year 2019-2020 budget appropriations of the Sheriff. Section 30.49(4), Florida Statutes

Monday, Sept. 23: Within 3 days of Final Hearing, the Resolution adopting final millage and budget to Property Appraiser, Tax Collector and the Dept. of Revenue. FL Administrative Code 12D-17.003(f)

Sunday, Oct. 20: Within 30 days of adoption of final millage and budget, submit TRIM package (DR-487) to Dept. of Revenue. Certify final millages to Property Appraiser via DR-422 and DR-422DEBT (if any debt). Post summary budget on website. Section 129.03(3) Florida Statutes FL Administrative Code 12D-17.003 (h)