In order to receive your first and subsequent inspections you must first confirm if your permit requires a Notice of Commencement (NOC) to be filed with Clerk of Court.

A NOC is required if:

  • The job valuation is $2,500 or more (FS Section 713.02(5)), or
  • The contract to REPAIR or REPLACE an EXISTING heating or air-conditioning system is in the amount $7, 500 or more (FS Section 713.135(d)).

If a NOC is required, prior to requesting the first inspection, you must submit a recorded NOTICE of COMMENCEMENT to the Building Department (FS§713.135). This must be provided to the Building department in one of the two following ways (FS 713.13(1)(a)):

  • Certified copy of recorded Notice of Commencement
  • A notarized statement from the owner, or the owner’s authorized agent, of the property stating that a Notice of Commencement has been filed for recording to the Monroe County Clerk's Office for recording, along with a copy of the Notice of Commencement submitted for recording.

Please refer to “Other Permitting Forms” section on the Permitting Fees, Forms & Applications webpage for the NOC form and/or Affidavit.


The permit card issued and posted on site displays the minimum inspections required.  The contractor should request appropriate inspections to cover the scope of work performed in addition to those listed on permit card.

All inspection requests for permits, including Fire, Flood, Environmental, and Planning are to be submitted through the IVR system. The cutoff time for same day inspection request is 5 a.m.

IVR PHONE NUMBER:  305-295-5160 

Note:  IVR may not be available from 11 pm to 4 am on Thursday/Friday morning due to weekly system maintenance.  Please reference the following resources for details on the IVR system and how to schedule an inspection using the IVR.  

Before an inspection is performed:

  • Ensure the site street address is clearly posted on the property, visible from the road (FBCR-2010-R319/FBC-2010-§501.2)
  • Keep the permit or a copy on site and construction documents. Visible posting will facilitate the inspection. (FBC-2010-§107.3.1)
  • Owner/Builders must be present for all inspections (FS§489.103)

After Hours inspection requests:

Permit applicants may request required inspections to be conducted outside of normal working hours (M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm) by paying an additional fee that will be charged per hour or fraction thereof, with a two-hour minimum. Complete and submit to Building Department the following form: After Hours Inspection Request

Track Inspection Progress and Permit Status Using Public Web Access to Permit Information:

The Building department provides the public with a web application called MCeSearch, which allows the public to view general information on Permits, Contractor and Code Compliance cases entered into our database.

Click here to access the web application MCeSearch

Issued Permit Time Limitation:

A permit will expire 6 months from issuance if no passed inspection related to the scope of work is obtained, or 180 days from date of last passed inspection related to the scope of work.

If a permit expires please contact the building department at any office for direction.

Closing Permit:

Once the Building Final (199), or the final inspection noted on the permit card, has passed the contractor should verify the permit has been closed.

A Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy is available upon request.

If a permit does not display on MCeSearch as closed contact the building department at any office for closure or further instruction.