Monroe County Comprehensive Plan Land Authority


The Monroe County Comprehensive Plan Land Authority (also known as the Monroe County Land Authority) acquires property for conservation, recreation, and affordable housing in Monroe County, Florida within the Florida Keys and Key West Areas of Critical State Concern. 

The Authority was established to assist in the implementation of land use plans and to serve as an intermediary between landowners and government agencies that regulate land use. The Authority is a component unit of the Monroe County government created by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on October 1, 1986.

Governing Board & Advisory Committee

The Authority’s governing board is the BOCC. Governing board meetings are held during the BOCC regularly scheduled meetings, and the governing board’s agendas are included in the BOCC agendas. A five-member advisory committee, appointed by the governing board, provides recommendations regarding land acquisitions.

Financial Information

The Land Authority's fiscal year period is from October 1 to September 30. 


The taxes and fees received by the Authority consist of a surcharge on admissions and overnight occupancy at state parks in the unincorporated county in the amounts authorized by Florida Statutes section 380.0685

A half-cent of the tourist impact tax charged on lodging in the Keys authorized by Florida Statutes section 125.0108.

Additional Information