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For our May 2021 newsletter, we featured an article written by Michelle Leonard-Mularz, Environmental Horticulture Agent.   Florida Keys Wildflowers.Picture1

"The Florida Keys offer a truly unique diversity of flora for plant enthusiasts, some of which occur nowhere else in the world. Our prevailing winds and tropical storms brought over many of the native plants that call our island home and is why much our flora more closely resembles that of the  Bahamas, Cuba, and the coastal Yucatan. As many of us are transplants ourselves from different parts of the world, we are unfamiliar with plants that thrive in our environment. In celebration of National   Wildflower Week, we have included a few native wildflower  suggestions to incorporate into your yards and gardens, to add color and attract a wide variety of pollinators including butterflies, bees, moths, and even birds. Adding these plants will help encourage insect diversity and will also require little to no additional water or fertilizer once established." 

To read the article, and find events and programs of the Extension Service, check out the May 2021 Newsletter!

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