Do I get my kids from school?

Academy at Ocean Reef/Reef Club Kids

In the unlikely event of an emergency, if you have not received early dismissal notification, proceed to the Emergency Reception Center at Key Largo School, 104801, Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037. Key Largo School is the host facility for Academy at Ocean Reef and Reef Club Kids children. 

School Relocation

In an emergency, school children may be proactively relocated to host facilities outside the emergency planning zone. Public and private schools in the 10-mile emergency planning zone have emergency plans in place to ensure the safety of children. Please check with your school to learn more about their emergency plans. 

  • DO NOT disrupt an evacuation by attempting to pick up your children at their school. This causes traffic congestion, security risks and impedes the ability of authorities to move children to safety. 
  • Parents and guardians can children at the host facility:
    • Academy at Ocean Reef and Reef Club Kids will relocate to Key Largo Elementary School, 104801 Overseas Highway
  • Do not phone the school as the phone lines are needed for emergency use. 
  • Local radio and television stations will announce when and where school children may be picked up.

Key Largo School

No, await instruction from Monroe County School District. Key Largo School is outside of the 10-mile emergency planning zone.

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