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2021 New Application for Monroe County Emergency Management Placard Program

  1. Application Instructions
    • Do not apply if you are NOT a Monroe County based business or agency
    • A copy of your current Monroe County Business License must be uploaded with your application
    • All questions must be answered in full for form submission
    • Applications that do not provide complete information will be denied
    • If a question does not apply to your business/organization, use NA as a response.
    • Applications that provide false/misleading information will be denied and may be banned from future consideration in the Hurricane Placard Business Reentry Program
  2. If more than one location, provide administrative address in Monroe County
  3. Should be individual completing this application
  4. In a post-storm environment, the government and all resources are dedicated to the emergency response effort. This effort includes utility restoration, debris clearing for safety and reestablishment of emergency medical services. Simultaneously, we are providing basic life support for survivors including shelters and Points of Distribution for food and water. Any additional individuals who are not completely self-sufficient and enter the area before normal services are restored create an additional burden and delay the reopening of the County to all residents. With this in mind, Monroe County Emergency Management must insure that all individuals who reenter the County in advance will be self-sufficient for a period of 14 days and will NOT utilize those services being provided for survivors (such as PODS, shelters, etc). If your business/organization is allowed early reentry through the Placard Program:
  5. The intention of the Placard Program is to facilitate the speedy reentry of all Monroe County residents through the efficient restoration of essential services (water, emergency medical services and passable roadways). The effective reentry of those businesses/organizations necessary to aid in this effort is mission essential. Please answer the following questions Yes or No:
  6. Type in your name as authorized agent.
  7. Please upload a copy of your current business tax receipt.
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