Evacuation Information

Monroe County’s comprehensive emergency plan calls for a “Phased Evacuation.” This evacuation plan is intended to avoid unnecessary evacuation if some zones are expected to be affected and others are not. Locate the zone you live in so that you will know when to leave if an evacuation for your zone becomes necessary.

Know Your Zone: Florida Keys Evacuation Zone Map

*Please note: the evacuation zones are different than re-entry zones after a hurricane, which uses Upper (3), Middle (2), and Lower (1) Keys for the re-entry sticker zones. Re-entry sticker information can be found at monroecountyem.com/reentrystickers.  

  • Zone 1: MM 0 to MM 6
  • Zone 2: MM 6 to MM 40
  • Zone 3: MM 40 to MM 63
  • Zone 4: MM 63 to the three-way stop at CR 905-A
  • Zone 5: CR 905-A to mainland Monroe County, including Ocean Reef

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Evacuation Checklist

  • Map your route
  • Do not get on the road without a chosen destination
  • Fill your car with gas as soon as you can; stations run out of gas and/or stations close because their employees evacuate 
  • Download the Gas Buddy app to see nearby gas station statuses
  • Evacuate if told to do so
  • Do not get stranded, evacuate early if possible


  • Bring your disaster supply kit, go-bag (which includes medications), and important documents (including insurance information).
  • Bring Your Monroe County Re-Entry Sticker
  • Enact your pet plan -- and do not leave your pets behind
  • Get cash to last you a week or more 
  • Secure your home before leaving
    • Install your shutters or board up windows
    • Anchor loose objects in the yard or bring them inside
    • Turn off your water supply to your home or business
    • Empty out your refrigerator
    • If possible, bring as much of your personal belongings to the second floors in case of flooding
    • Lock your doors and windows
  • If you have a boat, don't forget to secure it too.

Emergency Evacuation Bus Pickup Stops  

Emergency bus stop information will be provided when an evacuation is ordered.