Stormwater Master Plan

The Storm water Management Master Plan will:

  • Assess the adequacy of existing systems
  • Develop a plan to finance the construction, operation, and maintenance of required facilities
  • Identify regulations and policy needs
  • Prioritize storm water management needs for each island

Monroe County has employed Camp Dresser and McKee Inc. to complete the Storm water Management Master Plan in accordance with the county's adopted Comprehensive Plan.

Storm Water Management Master Plan - Main Document
Appendices to Section 2 of the Master Plan
Appendices to Section 4 of the Master Plan
Appendix to section 5 of the Master Plan

Team Members

Camp Dresser and McKee, Inc.
Scott I. McClelland
Armando I. Perez, P.E Ph.D.

Environmental Consulting Systems Inc.
Susan V. Sprunt

Glen Boe and Associates
Glen Boe, P.E

Keith and Associates
Bill Keith, P.E
Wilson Sanchez, P.E
Traci R. Scheppske

The Market Share Company 
Linda O'Brien

Mote Marine Laboratory 
Erich Mueller, Ph.D

Valerie Fernandez Settles - Attorney 
Valerie Settles, Esq.