Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What Is An Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Everyone encounters problems from time to time. Sometimes we can solve them alone; other times we need help. We tend to be blind to the problems we have making it difficult to know when we need help. That’s where an EAP can provide the right kinds of guidance to solve personal and work-related problems.

How Can Your EAP Help You?

You and your household family members are encouraged to make use of the Quantum EAP. The program is offered to you at no cost, provides confidential counseling, and information services. Help is available through:

Telephone Assistance and Information

Problem Assessment

Individual & Family Appointments

Goal Oriented Counseling

Referrals when Needed

Coordination with Medical Benefits


The program is staffed by experienced healthcare professionals who are trained in helping you solve problems quickly and efficiently. Quantum is committed to helping you in a competent and sensitive way.

Is Your EAP Confidential?

When speaking with a Quantum professional regarding personal issues, it’s important to know that your confidentiality is protected. Any information that is shared will not be communicated to anyone else for any reason without your written permission.

How Do I Access Services?

Your first step is to call 1-877-747-1200. Quantum provides a national network for in-person services. Appointments are scheduled based on your availability. We are available 24 hours a day.


NATIONWIDE 24 HOUR ACCESS 1-877-747-1200

The EAP URL link is www.accessqhs.com