Health and Wellness Program

Health and Wellness are a valuable part of every employee’s life. Participating annually in preventative health care screenings and healthy lifestyles can save your life. We care about your health and well-being and want you to be healthy, remain healthy and be around a long time for your families.

In the past years, the County has sponsored Annual Health Fairs where employees attend a free workshop and can participate in Biometrics screenings which can identify blood pressure, high blood sugar/diabetes or other critical measurements that need immediate medical attention. Finding out you have a health issue in advance can prevent major conditions such as heart attack, organ damage, etc.

Health Fair participation is at an all-time high! But it could be higher. The County Commission granted 4 hours of paid time off for employees for participating employers. Participating employers are the BOCC, Court Administration, Monroe County Land Authority, Monroe County Property Appraiser and Monroe County Clerk of Courts.

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Why does the County care so much about this? One, for your health. Secondly, waiting to treat health issues is expensive. For every critical condition found during a health fair, it is estimated that the potential health care cost savings is $125,000 over a three year time period. During the year of 2015-2016, the County expanded the Wellness Program.

All employees enrolled in the Monroe County group health plan (the BOCC, Monroe County Sheriffs Office, Monroe County Tax Collector, Clerk of the Court, Supervisor of Elections, Monroe County Property Appraiser, Court Administration, Monroe County Land Authority) are eligible to participate in the Health and Wellness Program. Employees who visit personal physicians and obtain FREE age appropriate preventive screenings between 11/1/17 and 10/31/18 will be granted a $25 a month savings for the entire year of 2019 (total savings $300).

We will still have health fairs in the fall and employees of participating employers are still be eligible to obtain 4 hours of paid time off for participation. You can also receive your required Biometrics at the health fair after submitting your Wellness Form to the Benefits Office.

County Employee Benefits staff will be reaching out to all County employees by visiting your workplace to educate you on how to participate and get healthy.

2019 Wellness Physician Form

2018 Preventive Care Guidelines
Resolution 049-2017 Approving & Establishing the 2017 Wellness Program